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eCaribbean Spotlight: Crowd-funding in the Caribbean – The JN Model

It’s entrepreneurship season in the Caribbean. Lately, more and more Caribbean governments are realizing the importance of  a healthy environment for self-sufficiency and are slowly trying to do what they can to help facilitate that. But as always, our bottom-line concern in this region seems to be funding. It’s hard, even at a government level […]

10 Reasons Caribbean Businesses Should Be Tweeting

Photo Source: http://www.caribbeancensus.com/

If you run a business or an organization within the Caribbean and aren’t using Twitter, you’re potentially missing out on a great opportunity to connect with your audience from a whole new dynamic. Twitter seems to have followed the same pattern that blogs did: First a few for mostly personal use, then the numbers grew […]

5 Reasons to Hashtag #StKitts

First off, if you’re one of the last 5 people left on earth to not know what a hashtag is, here’s a quick 101. The #hashtag, is a word or phrase, that is used to link content together on the internet. In the vast web world, where content is uploaded by millions of bytes per […]