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We Are..

..committed to your success

Ok sure, you hear Caribbean and you start thinking..sand, sun and all the other good stuff. But eCaribbean, well what’s that all about? Are there really  professional tech companies in the Caribbean? Yes (pointing at self). Our top level executives have been in the web business for over a decade, we’re not afraid to dive into new territory and …[continue]

..celebrating a milestone

In celebration of our lucky 7 milestone we’ve come up with seven special packages that will be offering to our clients starting this October.

1. eCaribbean New Look and Blog
– eCaribbean has a new site! Yes, finally we’ve been able to set aside some time to get our new online presence up and out. Please check it out, as well as our various SOcail Network pages(Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc). Oh, we’ve also added something else…
– We are now operating our own tech blog (one of the very few in the region). This is in an effort to educate and empower both our client base and the general public. We believe that the resources you will become aware of as  result of using our blog will be of premium importance. [continue]